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District Council: 

The Municipality implements its projects and activities through the District Council Development Plan 2015/2016 – 201/2020 was prepared in accordance with the new guidelines. The Local Government Development Plan comes at a critical time in the physical, economic and social development of Kalaki. The plan provides a clear direction and focus for development over the next five years, while setting the scene for ongoing growth in the context of the Region and Nation as a whole.
There were significant changes in the national planning framework with the adoption of the Second National Development Plan and various legislative and policy documents at National level.  All the new provisions make for a much more complex, yet comprehensive, document that provides detailed guidance and direction for all those concerned with development in Kalaki Municipality over the coming five years.
The Plan addresses a range of development pressures and needs that are facing the Council during the period of the plan and beyond. In doing so, it sets out the goals and objectives for the Council to follow, as well as the policies recommended to guide planning decisions and the activities of the Planning Authority over the period of the Plan
Special thanks are extended to the Council technical staff and the Executive Committee for the co-operation and partnerships expressed during the process of developing the development plan.  I would also like to thank the Councillors and Lower Local Council leaders for the assistance given to the field technical staff that was very instrumental in the planning process.
As we implement this plan, greater support is required from all stakeholders and the entire community of Kalaki District Council in order to realize our mission.
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