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  1. On quarterly basis make a request for replenishment of essential medicines and medical supplies at accredited health unit.
  2. On monthly basis carry out HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns, voluntary testing and treatment especially at the most vulnerable areas like villages, kraals and resettlement areas.
  3. Implement 95-95-95 MoH strategy in prevention of HIV/AIDS infection.
  4. Ensure a health worker attends to client within 30 minutes from time of registration on arrival at health unit.
  5. eMTCT 
  6. On monthly basis track and report health workers attendance to duty
  7. Submit monthly HMIS data to MoH
  8. Develop an emergency response plan on health-related issues annually.
  9. Ensure environmental health workers pay home visits at least once every three months
  10. Carry out health education campaigns on quarterly basis among the population.
  11. Carry out a “keep/villages clean” campaign at least once a year.
  12. Conduct capacity building sessions for health workers for performance improvement.